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Ensure your transportation 


A powerful app with a simple purpose . . .

to maximize hauling efficiency.


You make money by completing jobs.

  • Schedule your next job then take any notes specific to the job and confirm the acceptance

  • Access job details, location, notes and requirements

  • Bid a job knowing what and who is available

  • See what you’re projected to make through the app, and get paid instantly through the app when the invoice is paid digitally


You can't do the job, if you don't have the equipment.

  • Know what jobs are available

  • Piece of equipment goes down - no problem! Find a replacement fast

  • Effortlessly see and resolve conflicts from double-booked equipment

  • Bid a job knowing you have the equipment available when needed

  • Easy access to equipment details and job history


You can't do the job well without being in the know.

  • Track the drivers on your job, realtime

  • Keep track of your crew member schedules

  • Someone no-shows - no problem! Quickly see who else is available

  • Easy access to crew member details including qualifications and job history

  • Bid a job knowing what and who is available



Let’s face it. If Truck Boss isn’t easy to use, you won’t use it. Truck Boss is designed specifically to make operations effortlessly efficient and painlessly profitable (kind of poetic!) But it doesn’t stop there. Truck Boss gives you a competitive edge over other companies who are still conducting ‘business as usual’. Don’t just look more professional. Be more professional.

Learn more on how to increase your construction production. 

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